242 (End Heavy 2 1/2 Barrel)

242 (End Heavy 2 1/2 Barrel)

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 The 242 is a slightly end heavy bat with a 2 1/2 inch barrel. The 242 has a longer handle with a sharper taper up to the barrel. The 242 will have the biggest barrel but the heaviest swing weight of all the cuts. This bat is meant for the power hitter. 

Standard-Standard wood passes the MLB ink dot test for maple and birch but does not have at least 18 inches of straight grain from the knob up to the barrel.

Pro-Pro grade passes the MLB standard for maple and birch. Pro grade bats pass the ink dot test and have at least 18 inches of straight grain from the knob up to the barrel.

Maple- Maple is a dense wood that is harder that Birch or Ash. Being Maple is more dense it is also less flexible which means it has a little higher of a chance to break if miss hit off the handle or the end of the bat.

Birch- Birch is the least dense but it has the highest flexibility. Being birch is so flexible it has the least chance to break if miss hit on the handle or the end. You don't get as much pop but the durability is higher that the Maple.

Ash- Ash is in between maple and birch on both flexibility and density. The only exception is that ash is a porous wood and does not have the durability that maple and birch have. Ash should only be used by more experienced hitters because the wood can flake apart if not hit correctly. 

Color- Please type in the color you want for the handle and the barrel. Available colors are as pictured. If you would like a color not pictured please type it in and we will contact you if that color isn't available but we are able tp pretty much do any color you would like.

Logo- Choose your style of logo. 

Cup- The cup takes a small amount of weight off the end of the bat. Choose from no cup, ¼ cup, ½, cup, ¾ cup or a full 1-inch cup. 

Knob Style-Choose between our standard knob of a flared knob